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UM Group is an innovative software development company.

Since 2010 UM Group operated as a development center of Eastern Technologies, Ltd.

In 2017 we emerged as an independent entity, launching our own high-tech products, extending our range of custom software development services and establishing strong production partnerships with world leaders in simulation and training solutions.

Primarily, we specialize in theoretical training systems, qualification, testing and workflow management systems.

However, ever since 2010 we preserve custom software development department and can provide wide range of backend and frontend services for various platforms: UWP, MacOS, Android, IoS Applications, web-development from beatiful web sites to high-loaded cloud-based internet systems.

Uniting our efforts and intergarting our products with the systems of world leaders in simulation and training industry based on partner agreements enabled both us and our partners to become a one stop solution to provide comprehensive high-tech training complexes: from the registration desk to theoretical and practical training, electronic examination at all the training stages, automatic qualification to avoid examiner bias and automated decision taking and even licensing of the newly trained specialists to operate sophistakated equipment.

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